What is Wet-Guard?

Wet-Guard is a Fantastic scientific innovation in Shoe Care world .It’s a spray that forms an invisible and super hydrophobic protective layer on the shoe. This unique formulation protects the shoe from any kind of accidental spills. It provides total protection against Beverages, Sauces, Oil, Dirty rain water and mud.

How to clean footwear after applying Wet-Guard?

Once your footwear is Wet-Guard treated all you need to do is run clean water over your footwear to remove dust, dirt particles and thick liquids (ketchup, sauces, mud etc.)

Will Wet-Guard Spray change or affect the color, material, or look of the Shoe?

No way. Once the spray dries it’s completely invisible.

What surfaces does Wet-Guard work on?

Wet-Guard is suitable on sports, canvas, Suede, Nubuck, Leather shoes and Fabric.

How many pairs of shoes does a WET-GUARD bottle cover?

Wet-Guard’s 135 ml spray bottle covers 7-8 pairs of shoes.