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how to care for expensive shoes

How to maintain shoes in good condition?

It is often said that the first thing a stranger notices about you when meeting for the first time are your shoes. While you may agree or disagree with the aforementioned statement, you will agree to the point that good shoes are an important part of one’s outfit. If you are going to that important meeting for work or hanging out with your friends at a fancy restaurant, what you wear exudes your personality. A pair of good looking, well-maintained shoes may get you that important client’s attention or will set your persona apart in a crowd of people. Talking again about old sayings, it is also believed that people who wear attractive shoes are considered more approachable. Not to forget the fact that a good pair can also be a great conversation starter, especially if you are short on them in the time of need.

 how to maintain shoes in good condition

how to maintain shoes in good condition

How to take care of your leather shoes?

You may also agree to pull off a good looking outfit, you need shoes that not only look well with it but are also properly maintained. No one would want to wear a tattered or dirty pair when attending an important event or meeting. Alas, in a country like India, where rain arrives like an uninvited guest, it may be extremely difficult to do so. Whether it be a pair of canvas or suede shoes, water or moisture can be a bad companion to your recently bought expensive shoes, which is why shoe care is very important. Believe it or not, those not so affordable pairs require as much care as the rest of your clothes before and after handling bad weather and surfaces. And since you wouldn’t want to wash a premium quality shirt with an affordable detergent, your shoes also require good quality shoe care items to remain good as new.


Regular shoe care not only saves you from awkward public situations, they can also help in saving some money, that would otherwise be required to buy another pair after the last one gets damaged. All things said, it can be very much declared that shoes require good care and love as well because they are one of the most, if not the most abused part of one’s outfit. And while old sayings may still be true or not, one’s shoes, and their condition, as a result, may tell more about their personality than you might think. But what are the best shoe care items one can buy? If you are confused and looking for the best shoe care tips or great shoe care items, read on.


If you are in the market for a good product to maintain and care for those formal shoes or rugged sneakers, you can check out our shoe care products or refer to our shoe care guide on the website. KingArdy’s shoe care items and maintenance kits allow you to keep your favorite pair as good as brand new. While the shoe cleaners make sure your shoes stay good looking and attention-grabbing for a long time, our water repellent sprays are specially made to handle the unpredictable Indian weather so that nothing stops you from looking the best version of yourself, inside and out.





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