We The “KingArdy”subsume with a new phenomena in 2018. We with great enthusiasm introduceourselves as an incomparable in the domain of cleaning and water proofing .Our high quality productsare now conveniently obtainable on reputable sites.

The strength of “KingArdy” product is,its distinctive,brilliant,unparalleled matchless quality which is aclass in itself.

We guarantee on unmatched performance of our product in terms of cleaning and water proofing ofyour valuable things (items).

We The “KingArdy” serving and assuring our customers that the product has the potential togladden and satisfy your need.


Mr. Rajeev, the proud owner of “SHOES VILLA”is a self made man. His father Late Mr. ShankerlalDhanwani was an ardent business person with a flourishing business at MUSCAT. Mr. Rajeev lost hisfather at an early age and he couldn’t inherit an iota of his business. He started sailing his career boat ina rough weather. Sailing alone with a humble job at a shoe store. Being a natural fighter, he soonrealized that there is an ocean of opportunities waiting for him outside. With the blessings of his father,he started a shoe store at Indore. In no time his business expanded to a chain of shops, in and aroundIndore. He is now considered as one of the best in Central India.


To make the brand and products of “KingArdy” the most counted on, reliable in terms of unstained, tidywater repellent work and highly approved and easily available throught out the country.

We have no chains.we hold the monopoly of our products in India.


KingArdy’s mission is to make the user “Go Free Without Worry”of dirt,oil,tea,coffee, ketchup and waterstains, that make their shoes look old and dull.We add life to your valued and favourite shoes.Fromcleaner and protectors, our range of shoe care products will ensure that your chosen style will not onlylook great, but feel great too.


In terms of our clients our clientele is very big as all our customers makes an elite clientele.They knowthe importance of clean and sparkling shoes, which makes the personality more graceful and appealing”As shoes speaks louder than words”

Our respectable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi ji too give emphasis on clean surroundings andthings.So, we also made a little effort by making a product that helps in making and keeping thingsCLEAN & DRY.


KingArdy has non-refundable and non-returnable policy.

We only replace products which delivered defective or damaged by the courier. If this is the case, pleasesend us an email at