How to take care of your Shoes?

Now imagine this, you have bought a pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on for a while. They look great in pictures, look even better in person and you look amazing in them. But has there been a time where you were hesitant to wear those shoes because you thought they will get dirty or will lose their original shine after a trip outside?

For most people in a country like India, where the weather is unpredictable, to say the least, your answer may be yes. If you are one of those who have this question and are looking for ways on how to take care of running shoes or those expensive canvas shoes of yours, read on.

So you’re out looking for shoe care tips or shoe care items to maintain those important pair of yours, Here are some handy shoe care tips for you. When wearing or taking them off, remember to loosen them properly. Not doing that can make them wear off with time, which is not a thing most people prefer. When cleaning shoes with materials sensitive to water like suede or nubuck, use only certified shoe care kits. Using cheap or low-quality accessories may reduce the life of your expensive pair and can also damage it permanently.

For a more common shoe material like canvas or sport shoes, one is advised to clean them, while they are dry, with a wet cloth. Dipping them in water can again reduce their life and is not recommended. If the aforementioned shoe care tips sound a little complicated to you, you can check out King Ardy’s collection of shoe care kits for every shoe material like suede, canvas, nubuck and sports shoes. Our products are eco-friendly and do not pose any danger to your favorite shoes. They are also very easy to apply and provide your shoes with a lasting shine that looks good for longer.

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